About Us

Finneeds is the brainchild of Mr. Madhav Dwarapureddi, a banking professional with 14+ years of experience in credit as well as sales departments. It was started on 28th September 2014 with a vision to make a small, yet meaningful, change to the financial services sector.


To empower our customers by providing the right guidance on how best to satisfy their monetary needs. To chalk out bespoke financial solutions as well as facilitate them by streamlining the whole process.


To be the one-stop solution provider for our customers for all their life-stage financial and insurance needs. Be it educational loans, marriage loans, home loans, car loans, life insurance, health insurance, retirement plans, etc —we want to do it all!

Who are we ?

We are a life-stage financial services facilitator that strives hard to provide the right options to customers for fulfilling their credit as well as insurance needs. Be it a personal loan, a business loan, a car loan, or insurance, Finneeds is the go-to place for you!

Need for Finneeds:

The idea for starting a company like Finneeds emerged when Mr. Dwarapureddi observed some glaring gaps in banking and insurance processes.

Customer struggles

In his stint, he observed closely how customers struggled to access basic services to fulfill their life-stage financial needs and were paying sky-high commission rates just for simple processes. Many a time, one missing document here, one forgotten formality there were all it took to dash their hopes and dreams.  This made him ponder—why should customers run from pillar to post for something that can be done easily by experts? 

Loans and troubles

He was especially disappointed at the way loan executives, who had little knowledge about the whole process, were misleading customers by providing them only partial or wrong information; thereby, putting customers in a tough spot during the time of sanctioning. What had to be a happy day for the borrowers turned into a day of dashed hopes with—

  • Lower amount disbursed
  • Exorbitant interest rates 
  • More processing fees 
  • Additional commission fees

This meant that the customers were a disgruntled lot who had no one to look after their best interests.

This is where Finneeds begs to differ!

Why choose us:

Finneeds prides itself in giving complete guidance to our customers to get the best possible results for them. 

  • Doorstep services

    When we say we provide doorstep services, we mean it! Each and every bit of the process, including gathering the right documentation, filling out application forms, submitting it to the banks or NBFCs, etc. is done at your doorsteps.

  • A deep bond with banking institutions

    Being a corporate loan distributor for some of the finest private banks in the country has its perks! They trust us in our selection process and the quality portfolio of customers that we bring to them; therefore, the whole process becomes quicker! Moreover, as we have access to the banking system, we can give real-time updates about the status of your application.

  • Transparency

    We share complete information with our customers without mincing words—whether it is about their chances of securing a loan, eligible loan amount, or the correct processing fee.

  • Options

    We give our customers various options of banks or NBFCs they want a loan from after considering customer eligibility and norms of different institutions. We explain their chances of getting the desired amount and advise them on how best to meet left-over credit needs. In the end, we let our customers take the final call.

  • No agents, only direct employees

    Agents might consider their commission before your interests. Moreover, they might have half-baked knowledge. Our employees, on the other hand, are qualified and trained for the job! They have in-depth knowledge about the banking sector and use it for your benefit and to fast-track your loan process.

  • IRDAI-licensed

    Did we mention that we have an IRDAI license for providing all types of insurance products to you?

Customer is the king!

At Finneeds, we believe in giving the power back to our customers! 

For instance, a customer has certain credit needs and is looking for a loan product and institution that will match his eligibility and budget. This is where Finneeds comes in. 

Our sales team will identify you as requiring credit through direct marketing, telemarketing, or corporate activities. 

Then, our strong credit team will step into the processing side of things.

 We look at—

  • What you want
  • Where you want it
  • When you want it
  • Terms you want it at
  • Whether you are eligible for it
  • How much credit will you get

Finneeds then provides a customized solution that will appeal to him/her perfectly.

Core values

  • Helping customers matters to us:

    When we help a customer attain his/ her financial goals, it gives us an immense high! Thus, we focus on customer satisfaction.

  • Quality over quantity:

    Rather than going after just numbers, we believe in providing quality services to our customers. Therefore, each one of our customers is given our complete attention to fulfill their needs.

  • Trust is our medal:

    When you place your trust in us to provide solutions for your financial issues, we feel the obligation to return the honors in kind with sublime services.

  • Employees with the right skills:

    We hire people with top-notch qualifications and polish them with our internal training, which percolates into excellence.